From the editor’s desk, February 2012

February is a difficult month in the Midwest. Winter stretches on, but all the “wonderland” awe has bled out of the scenery. This year we’ve been blessed with a bit of mild weather, and I’m currently looking out at a pale blue sky. But even in years with mild-Februaries, this is still the perfect reading month.

I say that some of the absolute best times to curl up with a book and be transported elsewhere are when the days are short and the weather cold and crummy.

Where January saw us editing and releasing a short story, February sees us continuing edits on further projects in preparation for our 2012 launch. Why do our projects undergo so much editing? Because, as Nathaniel Hawthorne said, “Easy reading is damn hard writing.” And knowing where the comma goes in the sentence doesn’t excuse you from subtler, more nuanced forms of editing for style and continuity.

Yet in no time at all the weather will clear and we’ll be bringing you novels, short story collections and returned-to-print works. Until then, let’s hope the weather stays mild.

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