‘Basia’s Bookshelf’ interview with Susan Abel Sullivan

On Friday, Barbara at ‘Basia’s Bookshelf‘ interviewed Susan Abel Sullivan, author of CURSED: WICKEDLY FUN STORIES. In the full interview she discusses Elvis, vampire hookers from outer space, a restaurant that serves fried zombie dee-light and more wondrous, quirky things.

Excerpt from Basia’s Bookshelf:

B: You have a completely crazy vast repertoire of writing genres and formats under your belt. Is there any particular genre that you like best, a direction you’d like to focus on?

Susan Abel Sullivan: I’m particularly drawn to quirky urban fantasy for both adults and YA. By quirky, I mean I tend to take traditional “horror/fantasy” tropes and turn them on their heads in a humorous or light hearted way like limericks that change fate, a haunted Velvet Elvis, vampire hookers from outer space, a restaurant that serves fried zombie dee-light (we Southerners will fry anything), and a were-daughter. More…

B: It takes a brave, brave person to write humor for public consumption in my opinion – is it just something that comes easily for you or something you worry about?

Susan Abel Sullivan: Not really. I’ve had reactions to my work from laugh out loud funny to amusing to didn’t find it funny at all. I’m okay with that. Humor, like horror, is subjective. Once I realized that I wrote comedy in varying degrees—and there’s a whole backstory as to how that came about—I started deliberately tapping my funny bone. I write to my own sense of humor, but keep my target audience in mind, too. More…

Read full interview at Basia’s Bookshelf.

Susan Abel Sullivan‘s short story collection Cursed: Wickedly Fun Stories came out this March from World Weaver Press.  Cursed is Sullivan’s first published book and first short story collection.

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