From the editor’s desk, July 2012

World Weaver Press

I have this vision — or perhaps it’s a longing — of summertime spent on the front porch. There are rocking chairs, or maybe a bench swing. Lemonade and iced tea. A cool breeze on a temperate evening. And we sit, rocking away in fine humor, relaxing and laughing while a Golden Retriever frisks around on the front lawn.

Of course, that isn’t real life — it’s a Country Time Lemonade commercial.

I don’t own a dog, a rocking chair, or a front porch big enough for those two things to sit on it simultaneously. Summer’s granted us very few temperate evenings and far too many days of record setting heat. Life in the Midwest this month hasn’t seen me sitting outside with lemonade, but it has had me seriously contemplating frying an egg on the pavement.

What summer has granted us is a great deal of moving and shaking for World Weaver Press. I’m very excited to have announced earlier this month that Shards of History will be published August 21. Not only is Shards of History the first full length novel we’re publishing, but it’s a fabulous book that I can’t say enough good things about. Better yet — the gorgeous Shards of History cover art will be unveiled in just a few days!

We’ve filled our list through the end of 2012 — this means more announcements, more publications, and more great reading is in the works and on its way to you! We’re still considering manuscripts for publication in 2013, but we have a production catalog full of great books to bring you August through December of this year. We’ve always referred to our open reading period as “through summer” and in the coming weeks we’ll announce a firm end of summer closing date for unsolicited queries of novels, novellas, and collections. If you don’t make the 2012 submission window, there will be another open reading period next summer.

On Monday we featured an article by Elizabeth Twist exploring the place of horror in fiction. It’s an insightful discussion that asks if horror should be considered its own genre, or if it’s more of an aesthetic capable of wending its way into any and all genres. While I usually let our guest bloggers write their opinions without throwing in my two cents, I have to say I think Elizabeth Twist has hit this particular nail on its gore encrusted head.

Also on Monday, I made a guest appearance on the magazine Enchanted Conversation where I discussed the connections between how ideas come together for stories and the way ideas came together for the creation of World Weaver Press, and made an allusion to the mash-up as the soul of invention.

As the Fourth of July fireworks wrapped up, so did the open submissions for Specter Spectacular: Ghostly Tales, our first anthology. We’ve whittled down a few hundred submissions to a very short shortlist. I’m currently engaged in the process of whittling it down even further — an agonizing process when you already like all the stories in front of you but you don’t have space for them all.

I hope you take a chance to enjoy these and other articles posted on our site and stay tuned for the Shards of History cover unveiling. As for me, it’s back to work … perhaps with some lemonade.

Top photo credit: “Editor’s Desk” by E. Wiedbrauk

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