Shards of History blog tour stops!

Today Rebecca Roland visits Book Chick CityHop on over to hear about Rebecca’s house in the desert, her unconventional choice of room to remake into an office, and find out which Buffy cast member’s autographed picture hangs on the wall among other things

Rebecca Roland Writes: My office also has a window with a view of the park. Whenever I end up staring into space while thinking, I end up staring out that window. I’ve seen plenty of soccer games, a wedding, a man walking his cat on a leash, and even a trio of men filming a scene where a guy gets hauled away in a fake sheriff’s car by a fake sheriff. It’s much more entertaining than staring at a blank computer screen in frustration. Read more …

For her first official interview, check out Rebecca Roland on Books & Writing from August 13, and get to know a little bit more about this debut author and what’s encouraged and inspired her along the way.

Books & Writing: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Rebecca Roland: My name is Rebecca, although I prefer to go by Becky. I’ve lived on the Gulf Coast and the Atlantic Coast, and now I live in the high desert in New Mexico. When my husband and I moved here from Florida, a lot of people thought we were moving to a foreign country. I work part-time in the health care industry and spend my time off from the day job hanging out with my two-year old, writing (of course), traveling, and eating chocolate. Read more …

WWPThe Shards of History blog tour kicked off right here with an exclusive release of Chapter One which you can still read!

Malia ran her hands over the finished bowl, made in a deer’s effigy. It had taken her three tries to get the shape and balance right, to find the perfect cinnamon shade for the deer’s coat, to make the eyes sparkle with a hint of life. In the end, she’d used some of her own blood mixed with the paint. It was the finest piece she’d ever made, and loathe as she was to give it away, Enuwal deserved it. He had saved her life the summer before.

A hand fell on her shoulder. Malia juggled the bowl for an instant, then set it carefully on the packed dirt floor. Her heart thrummed in her throat. Read more of Chapter One …

The digital edition of Shards of History will be available on August 21.

The blog tour continues! Look for these and other upcoming stops on the tour:

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