From the editor’s desk, August 2012

 This month finds me terribly excited. Oodles and scads and heaps of excited. August claims many firsts for us:  the release of our first full length novel on August 21; the start of our first official blog tour on August 14; the announcement of our first anthology; and at the end of the month, we’ll close our first open reading period.

With the release of Shards of History, we’ll see our first full length effort come to fruition. It’s a novel I really can’t say enough good things about. The main character, Malia, is a woman of strength and smarts as well as compassion. The world Rebecca Roland has built is fresh and interesting, delivering a winged race unlike any I’ve ever read before and intricately built societies that veer off the expected pseudo-medieval world of much fantasy in favor of a world that has a southwest Native American flavor to its construction.

So far the unanimous response of early readers to Shards of History has been “send me a sequel!”

Winding down our first four-month open submission period is a task that fills me with awe. Awe at the breadth and quality of submissions. Awe at the inventiveness of writers. Awe at the potential. And occasionally, the puzzled sort of awe that goes with receiving unexpected questions regarding our preferences.

When we crafted our guidelines, we were of the mind that if a work was speculative fiction and within our length constraints, writers would know they could send it to us  for consideration.  But that doesn’t seem to be enough. We’re often asked if we’re “friendly” toward this or that.

Would you consider your press to be hard sci-fi friendly? Are you YA friendly? Are you LGBT friendly? What about romance-n-fantasy?

I can see where these questions are coming from — many publishers, particularly romance publishers, draw hard lines about what they will or will not allow in their novels, posting rules on anything from location of the setting, to sexual orientation of the characters, to the age of the heroine — and while I appreciate writers who ask questions to help understand the publisher they’re submitting to before they submit, I’m always a little surprised to be asked what specific content or themes World Weaver Press is “friendly” toward.

If it’s science fiction or fantasy in nature (that is, if it’s speculative fiction) — we’re friendly.  No matter what other stuff, sub-generes, themes, elements, characters, or conetent it includes. Basically, the only speculative content we have no interest in being friendly toward are giant bugs — large insects just totally squick us out.

What we really want is to base our publication decisions on the quality of the storytelling. We sign projects that engage our minds and ensnare our story-loving souls. That’s what we’re friendly toward: really great speculative fiction.

About Eileen Wiedbrauk

Editor-in-Chief, World Weaver Press

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