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World Weaver PressWorld Weaver Press presents our weekly quick roundup of news and factoids, articles and more that struck our fancy, tickled our interest, and had us scratching our heads. For readers, writers, and genre fans of any form.

World Weaver Press joins the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of American in bidding farewell to Harry Harrison, best known for the film Soylent Green. He passed away on August 15, leaving a great impact behind.

Make sure to read up on these 5 Stupid Grammar Myths brought to you by The Daily Muse. They may be completely baseless, but following these rules will make your life easier.

We’ve read a plethora of futuristic dystopian novels (Brave New World, 1984, Fahrenheit 451,We, Handmaid’s Tale, among others), but despite what has or has not come to pass, it seems there has been a decline in future-based science fiction. Science Fiction and Fantasy writer Jo Walton shares her views on Historical science fiction, or future science fiction, World Weaver Press wants to see it all!

Investigate television as modern day mythology and folklore with John Keegan’s unique reviews and analysis of TV shows as they air on Critical Myth.

Ever wondered why female authors dominate the field of YA fiction? Nathan Bransford shares his thoughts in a recent blog entry. Check it out to see if you agree with his theory.

Is it possible to be too excited??? A very fun New York Times feature questions just how many exclamation points and questions marks are too many. And why is it that the interrobang never quite caught on, anyway? Also check out Excessive Exclamation!! and submit your own examples!!!

WWP has made so many exciting announcements in the last couple of weeks, and there are so many more to come. Rebecca Roland’s novel Shards of History will be released on August 21; our author line up for Specter Spectacular: 13 Ghostly Tales is confirmed, and the anthology will be available on September 25; and we announced our newest author, Amalia Dillin. Phew! Everything is really on a roll here at World Weaver Press, and it promises to be a fantastic autumn. We can’t wait to share it with you!

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