The whirlwind blog tour continues!

Shards of History, Rebecca Roland, World Weaver PressHungry for a good recipe? Rebecca Roland visits Ex Libris and shares a delicious sounding recipe for pecan-crusted trout served in a tomatillo sauce — just like Malia makes in Shards of History. Except we’re certain it’s leaps and bounds easier for you to make at home with an oven rather than over a hearth fire like Malia did!

We’d love to hear how Malia’a pecan-crusted trout turns out from anyone who tries the recipe — leave us comments … and pictures!

Rebecca Roland writes: At one point, Malia, the main character, cooks a meal of pecan-crusted trout served in what essentially amounts to a tomatillo sauce. I first had pecan-crusted trout when I was living in Florida. The crust was nutty and crunchy, and the fish was flaky and mild in flavor. Get the recipe…

And if the recipe isn’t enough to satisfy your hunger, Ex Libris is also hosting a giveaway! Follow the guidelines on the site to enter for a ebook copy of Shards of History. Enter anytime between now and August 31.

Finding My Words: Writer Wednesday hosted Rebecca Roland for an interview. Find out what she’ll do if you offer her chocolate, what to do if you get so many rejections you can wallpaper your house, where to find her latest book, and more…

Finding My Words: What inspired you to be a writer?

Rebecca Roland: I love to read. I read voraciously as a kid. I loved escaping into other worlds. I still do. Read more…

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The Shards of History blog tour continues!

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Eagerly anticipating:

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