From the editor’s desk, September 2012

I had a fun thing happen to me over Labor Day weekend. I picked up a phone call from my mother which I assumed would be our usual chat about life’s goings-on. Instead she told me that she’d been up half the night reading Shards of HistoryI hadn’t expected her to pick up the book since fantasy isn’t usually her thing, and I was delighted to find that she’d been enjoying it, but that wasn’t why she’d called.

She’d gotten the the book via Kindle for Mac and while she’d tried to finish it in one day — it was that good — she just couldn’t stay awake long enough, and the next morning when she went to finish it, the file wouldn’t load.  This wasn’t a hey, how’s it going, update me on your life phone call; this was an, “Eileen, you have to help me get this file back open, they were going up the cliff to fix the sky and there’s only two chapters left! Help!” call.

I gave her a couple ideas for troubleshooting and then started on a different topic. A few minutes later the book rebooted, so she cut me off and hung up. Apparently, she was anxious to know how it ended!

I hope that everyone who picks up Shards of History enjoys it that much; I certainly did. Although I wish you a tech-glitch free reading, especially as you near the tense final chapters!

Joining Shards of History later this month will be our anthology Specter Spectacular: 13 Ghostly Tales in print and ebook. Then in October, we’ll be releasing the fun, quirky novel The Haunted Housewives of Allister, Alabama by Susan Abel Sullivan. To celebrate these releases, we’ll be hosting the Haunted October blog tour, October 1-31. If you’re interesting in having your blog or website become part of the tour, email your inquiry to Elizabeth Wagner at publicity at worldweaverpress dot com and she’ll get back to you with tour requirements.

Labor Day Weekend marks the entry into fall. But right now it feels like that liminal zone without season. The weather still smacks of summer, but school has begun, and the one highly stressed tree across the street has already started to shade yellow. Our open submission window closed August 31, and we have a bumper crop of queries and manuscripts to look at as the weather cools. We’re certain we’ve got some awesome titles in store to keep you warm as the nights cool.

About Eileen Wiedbrauk

Editor-in-Chief, World Weaver Press

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