Release Day: The Haunted Housewives of Allister, Alabama

Haunted Housewives, Susan Abel Sullivan, World Weaver PressWe are pleased to announce the release of The Haunted Housewives of Allister, Alabama(ebook edition available now, trade paperback to be released Oct. 30), a debut novel by Susan Abel Sullivan, and the first book in the series of Cleo Tidwell Paranormal Mysteries! But enough from us, here’s Susan Abel Sullivan’s thoughts on her big day:

So how do I feel about the publication of The Haunted Housewives of Allister, Alabama?  Well, I only want to shout, “Hallelujah!” from the rooftops.  I wander around with a moony expression on my face and my husband will say, “You’re thinking about your book, aren’t you?” You betcha!  When people ask me what I do, I can now proudly say I’m a published novelist.  Wahoo!  This day has been years in the making, more years than I care to admit.  I began writing my first novel when I was eighteen.  You can do the math on your own.

Developing this book was a lot of fun.  Not only do I enjoy comedy—it seems to come naturally to me—I had some fun experiences while researching the book.

1. Making fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches . . . these really didn’t sound appetizing at first.  I’ve never been a fan of the banana sandwich, let alone one with peanut butter that was fried.  But they’re surprisingly good.  The secret is to mash up the peanut butter and bananas to form a paste.  Then you spread the paste over the bread and fry the entire sandwich in melted butter until golden brown.  Delicious, but hardly low calorie.  The King used to eat a couple of these every day.

2.  Visiting Graceland in Memphis, Tennessee . . . my mom is a long-time Elvis fan and always wanted to visit Graceland, but had never taken the time.  Not one to pass up free research, I enthusiastically agreed to go with her.  We toured the house, the grounds, the museums, Elvis’s planes, and even ate at the Rock and Roll Café near the Heartbreak Hotel.  I can’t say any of it was my cup of tea, but when it comes to research, a book with photographs just can not take the place of the real deal.

3. Listening to Elvis music . . . I’m not what you’d call an Elvis fan, but as a former band geek (I played clarinet, bass clarinet, and bassoon), I have a deep appreciation for his music.  I really enjoyed structuring the book around Elvis songs that represented each section:

Prelude: Welcome to My World
Part I: All Shook Up
Part II: Suspicious Minds
Part III: Heartbreak Hotel
Epilogue: Love Me Tender
Encore: It’s Over, Jailhouse Rock, Can’t Help Falling in Love, and Hound Dog.

It’s been a fun ride for sure.  I’m in the midst of revising the next book in the series, The Weredog Whisperer, which has nothing to do with Elvis and everything to do with the Florida Gulf Coast, tacky tourist traps, a family vacation, and weredogs.  And it’s turning out to be just as fun to write as The Haunted Housewives of Allister, Alabama.

Read the digital edition for $5.99 from these retailers:
Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Kobo

Read the trade paperback edition for $12.99 from these and other online retailers:

Update: On 10/16/12 Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing released a glowing review of The Haunted Housewives of Allister, Alabama.

Susan Abel Sullivan lives in a Victorian house in northeastern Alabama with two dogs, way too many cats, and a couple of snakes. When not writing she likes to get her groove on by teaching Zumba Fitness classes. She is a graduate of the Odyssey Writing Workshop for speculative fiction. Her short fiction and poetry have appeared in numerous online and print publications, including Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine, Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine, ASIM Best of Horror: Vol II, Beyond Centauri, New Myths, AlienSkin, and Writers’ Journal. She is the author of Cursed: Wickedly Fun Stories and Fried Zombie Dee-light! Ghoulish, Ghostly Tales and the Cleo Tidwell Paranormal Mystery Series. Visit her author page, website at, or twitter @susan_abel.

This release is part of the Haunted October blog tour featuring Specter Spectacular and The Haunted Housewives of Allister, Alabama. Hosted by World Weaver Press.

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