Interview with Shannon Robinson, Jamie Rand, and Terence Kuch

Fang-tastic Books interviews Specter Spectacular authors Shannon Robinson, Jamie Rand, and Terence Kuch as part of the Haunted October blog tour. Read about what draws them to stories of specters, where the idea for their Specter Spectacular fictions came from, and find out what their favorite ghost stories are.

Here’s a taste of the ghostly questions and spooky answers:

What draws you to reading and writing ghost stories?:

Shannon Robinson: I find I write best when I push myself to explore the uncertain, the uncomfortable, and the unacceptable. Often, this takes my writing in the direction of the fantastical: many of my stories have elements of fairy tales, folk tales, and the supernatural. As a narrative form, ghost stories specifically interest me because of their potential for psychological ambiguity, their metaphoric ability to communicate fear and pain. I like to venture down into the unlit basement… Read more…

Where did the idea for your Specter Spectacular story come from?

Jamie Rand: When I was a child – eight or nine, I guess? – and living in southern Ohio, tornado watches and warnings were a pretty common experience. While staying at a relative’s, we had a tornado warning, and we went down to the basement. I can’t remember why I did it, I do remember that the sound that came from the other end of the phone – some error signal I’d never heard before – scared me very badly… Read more…

Terrence Kuch: In Don Giovanni, the statue of the murdered Commendatoreappears, and drags the Don down to Hell. There must have been a time when the statue first realized that it was – had been – someone whom the Don had killed. Perhaps it was being carved – by a second-rate sculptor who worked on the cheap – who resented having to do hack jobs for a few ducati. The statue remembered – that there had been a life before; and how it had ended – and how there could be revenge. Read more…

What’s your favorite ghost story of all time?

Terrence: In the Old Testiment, King Saul calls up the ghost of the prophet Samuel. Samuel has a terrible prophecy for Saul. Saul should have never tried to raise the dead, because the prophecy may never have come true had Samuel not been so incensed at having been raised to a kind of re-lived life. Read more…

These are just snippets of their interviews — read all three authors’ responses to all the questions on Fang-tastic Books. Or check out other interviews with Specter Spectacular authors including the interview with Amanda C. Davis, Calie Voorhis, and Jay Wilburn on All Things Urban Fantasy.

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