Coffin Hop: Ghosts and Giveaways

World Weaver Press is participating in the second annual Coffin Hop, October 24-31, 2012. During this week long lead in to Halloween, we’ll still be running the WWP Haunted October blog tour featuring the anthology Specter Spectacular: 13 Ghostly Tales and the “beautifully Southern” mix of paranormal and cozy mystery The Haunted Housewives of Allister, Alabama, by Susan Abel Sullivan, whom reviewers call “the new mistress of humor in horror and in the paranormal” — but we’ll also be hopping around to different sites and offering a Coffin Hop Giveaway!

Coffin Hop is a blog hop for horror writers, artists, publishers, etc. featuring over 100 sites. Visit the parent site, then travel to the participants’ blogs and websites and hopefully discover some great new writers and awesome new reading material. We hope everyone will check out the amazing list of ghostly articles and other Halloween treasures on listed on the Haunted October page, from ghostly writing prompts to the history of horror films, from werewolves and the octopus in the basement, to articles that leave us laughing about the the humor of haunting or cheering “viva le macabre!

Since World Weaver Press is steeped in ghosts this October, we want to know what your favorite ghost story is, real or fiction. Can’t pick? Tell us your top five — we fully understand the inability to pick just one great story!

Giveaway Entry details: Goodreads giveaway! (If you saw the old Rafflecopter giveaway, that one has gone kaput. Apologies.) Please follow WWP’s blog/website and twitter, we’d love to hear favorite ghost stories from everyone, but you won’t be entered for the free book unless you enter on Goodreads.

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Specter Spectacular by Eileen Wiedbrauk

Specter Spectacular

by Eileen Wiedbrauk

Giveaway ends October 31, 2012.

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  1. Ghost story? Real or imagined? If I’m going for “imagined” and already out there, I’m going for “Ghost Ship,” mostly because it’s the only properly scary horror movie I can watch (“Evil Dead” doesn’t count). A REAL ghost story, though? I’ve got a couple. Actually, one that’s going on right now (although you might think I’m a nut or OFF my nut). It’s in my library. It’s a light anomoly. Well, that’s how it USUALLY manifests, but there’s definitely a critter in and among the stacks. Since I’m not the only one who’s “seen it,” I feel better talking about it. My favorite sighting involved a professional cameraman who was so in tune to “light” that, well, I couldn’t believe ANYONE was that in tune to light. He saw it. He got REALLY EXCITED when he saw it hovering above the shelves where there was no discernable light source. I just smiled (uncomfortably) and didn’t say ANYTHING until I got to know him a little bit better. He was relieved that I knew about it. It’s not a BAD thing. It’s a mischevious thing (books get shelved in odd places, and other things get moved around), but a NICE thing. I often wonder if it’s one of the kids from the old cannery in town….

    My NOT NICE ghost story is from a house sitting job I had in college for a professor who was SERIOUSLY into voodoo…. O__O Yeah. She had this cat. Well, sort of a cat. A black cat that looked at you like it was always plotting (but not in the way most cats plot). The only night I spent in the house, I remember hearing a noise and waking up. I rolled over and there was the cat STARING at me, and then it slllooowwwwlllly looked toward the door. I followed its gaze and there was SOMETHING in the doorway. It was HUGE and DARK and I remember thinking, “this is where I die…” So I closed my eyes, very carefully pulled the covers up over my head (’cause they can’t get you through covers, right? They’re, like, GHOST PROOF or something), and tried not to breathe….and hoped to make it to morning. That was IT for THAT house. I just stopped by to take care of the cats. And when the professor came back, it was like she KNEW what I’d seen…. creepy….

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  2. I love the ghost stories from my my home province of Nova Scotia. A few of my favourites are the tales of the much sighted, three-masted, glowing Phantom Ship that sails the Northumberland Strait between Nova Scotia and the province of Prince Edward Island, the Lady in Blue that haunts Peggy’s Cove, NS, and the ghostly, burning pirate ship that can be seen in Mahone Bay, NS.

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  3. I love ghost stories! Today I spent the day at the Winchester House for the first time and I totally get why it has endured in the imagination of the people. Red Rose is another great haunted house that comes to mind.

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  4. Taking a favorite from my own experience:

    For several years when I was in high school, my family lived in a three-hundred year old house in Thieusies, Belgium. Thieusies had been the scene of many bloody battles, there was an old church across the street from our house, and our house itself had been a funeral home in the not so distant past; there were bricked up doors in our living room, where people used to enter and exit when viewing bodies. Our dining room table was approximately where the deceased would have been laid out for final respects. Supernatural was the norm, but one of the experiences I remember most vividly took place late one winter evening. I had gotten my shower in the old tub at the end of the hall when, naked and wet, I realized I’d forgotten to bring my PJs into the bathroom with me. I wrapped in my towel, my waist-long hair dripping frigid drops down onto my feet and the ancient floor. My teeth chattered, and I hurried out into the dark hall. It was pitch black except for the back lighting from the bathroom, but that light did not penetrate the room to my left. My sister’s room. She was sitting on her bed, in the dark – completely still. I called her name. She did not move. I asked her if she was okay, and she stood then. She moved towards the door, and my shivering was not just from the cold and my wet hair. It was not my sister in the room. It was a man, taller than me and wearing – yes, really – wearing a top hat like Abraham Lincoln. I’ll admit the hat threw me off, made me pause longer than I would have if he were just any other pitch-dark apparition. He kept moving towards the door way, and when he extended his arm to me, beckoning, my shaking hands finally slapped for the hall light switch. Light flooded the space, and I couldn’t see him anymore. He was still there, though. They always are.


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