Susan Abel Sullivan

Susan Abel Sullivan is “a writer blessed with imagination and wit.”
— Hugo Award Winner Allen Steele

“Sullivan is the new mistress of humor in horror.”
— Perpetual Motion Machine

“Sullivan … delivers a sense of humor, wit and playfulness that cannot be beat.”
— Good Choice Reading

“Susan Abel Sullivan could very well be the Janet Evanovich of the Paranormal Mystery Genre.”
— Sherry Peters, author of Silencing Your Inner Saboteur

Susan Abel Sullivan lives in a Victorian house in northeastern Alabama with two dogs, way too many cats, and a couple of snakes. When not writing she likes to get her groove on by teaching Zumba Fitness classes. She is a graduate of the Odyssey Writing Workshop for speculative fiction. Her short fiction and poetry have appeared in numerous online and print publications, including Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine, Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine, ASIM Best of Horror: Vol II, Beyond Centauri, New Myths, AlienSkin, and Writers’ Journal. She is the author of Cursed: Wickedly Fun Stories and Fried Zombie Dee-light! Ghoulish, Ghostly Tales and the Cleo Tidwell Paranormal Mystery Series. Visit her website at or twitter @susan_abel.


Published with World Weaver Press:

Coming soon: The Weredog Whisperer (A Cleo Tidwell Paranormal Mystery, 2) by Susan Abel Sullivan. 

The Haunted Housewives of Allister, Alabama (A Cleo Tidwell Paranormal Mystery. 1) by Susan Abel Sullivan. 

“The funniest novel I’ve read since Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.” —

Who knew one gaudy Velvet Elvis could lead to such a heap of haunted trouble?

When Cleo Tidwell said, “I do,” for the third time, she had no idea her marriage vows would be tested by a tacky piece of art. But Cleo’s not the kind of woman to let a velvet-offense-against-good-taste just hang — oh no, she’s on a mission to oust the King. Trouble is, Elvis won’t leave the building. And he’s attractin’ all manner of kooks, fanatics, and looky-loos to Cleo’s doorstep, including the entire congregation of the Church of the Blue Suede Shoes.

Everyone wants a piece of the painting, but Cleo’s starting to suspect that whatever’s haunting the Velvet Elvis wants a piece of her husband. Why else would her hubby trade in his car for a ’56 pink Caddy, moonlight as an Elvis impersonator, and develop a sudden hankering for fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches? Certainly it can’t be anything as simple as a mid-life crisis, because Cleo is not getting divorced again — her mother would never let her hear the end of it.

Praise for The Haunted Housewives
Excerpt from The Haunted Housewives


The Weredog Whisperer, Susan Abel Sullivan, World Weaver PressThe Weredog Whisperer (Cleo Tidwell Paranormal Mystery, 2) a novel by Susan Abel Sullivan.

The Tidwells are supposed to be on spring break on the Florida Gulf Coast, not up to their eyeballs in paranormal hijinks … again.

Bertram wants a baby, but Cleo isn’t real keen on the idea. After all, her sister, Molly, has four of ‘em—who needs more? Hoping to throw Bertram off the baby trail, they adopt Luna, a white pit bull terrier, and take her to Florida with them, along with Bertram’s mother and Cleo’s nieces. Everybody loves Luna, especially the goofy little dog at a tacky tourist trap touting something called a “weredog whisperer,” so much so that he puts the moves on Luna and gives her a love bite during the throes of puppy love.

But when Luna shape shifts into a teenage girl on the first night of the full moon, the Tidwells wind up with an instant were-daughter. Poof! Just add moonbeams. A video of Luna’s transformation goes viral and the Tidwells are hounded by an array of reporters, sight seers, animal rights kooks, Hot Diggity Dog Pet Foods, a couple of hungry weresharks, a motley crew of weredogs, and AASS—a secret society of shape shifters that considers Luna an abomination and orders her immediate extermination.


Cursed: Wickedly Fun Stories by Susan Abel Sullivan. 

Cursed is a small package of strangeness and charm.”
— Hugo Award Winner Allen Steele

“Quirky, clever, and just a little savage.”
— Lane Robins, critically acclaimed author of Maledicte and Kings and Assassins

Wickedly fun YA short stories featuring witches, werewolves, limericks that can change fate, and a sinister vine bent on murder and the destruction of Alabama! Inside quirky settings with creepy plots, characters discover new and unsettling powers as their worst fears manifest.

Praise for Cursed: Wickedly Fun Stories
Excerpts from Cursed: Wickedly Fun Stories

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