Fate of the Gods (series)

Fate of the Gods by Amalia Dillin.

Every god, from each of the world’s pantheons, mythologies, and religions — they’re all real in this enthralling fantasy romance that spans centuries.

Forged by Fate, Fate of the Gods Trilogy, Amalia Dillin, World Weaver PressFate Forgotten, Fate of the Gods, Amalia Dillin, World Weaver PressTempting Fate, Amalia Dillin, World Weaver Press

Series Reading Order:
1) Forged by Fate. Publication date: March 5, 2013.
1.5) Tempting Fate (novella). Publication date: August 13, 2013.
2) Fate Forgotten. Publication date: November 5, 2013.
2.5) Taming Fate (novella).
3) Beyond Fate. Publication date: September 2014.

After Adam fell, God made Eve to protect the world.  Adam has pursued Eve since the dawn of creation, intent on using Eve’s powers to remake the world with himself as God. The last immortal child of Elohim, Eve is charged with the protection of all humanity, and she has spent an eternity hiding from Adam and thwarting his plans. But this time, Adam is after something more than just Eve’s power — he desires her too, body and soul, even if it means the destruction of the world. Eve cannot allow it, but as one generation melds into the next, she begins to wonder if Adam might be a man she could love. And if he is, if he’s given up his quest to make himself a new god, it could change everything.

Eve’s struggle and Adam’s hopes have not gone unnoticed by the Council of Gods, who have forged a Covenant of Peace to protect the world and the dominion they stole in Elohim’s absence. Unknown to Eve, the Norse god Thor has been sent by the Council to protect her from Adam’s influence, and more, to protect the interests of the gods themselves. An alliance between Adam and Eve could undo everything they’ve worked toward. At the least, it could bring about Elohim’s return. At worst, the destruction of the world itself would cast the gods out to wander the void, ever weakening. With nowhere else to go, they cannot risk either option.

After watching Eve for millennia upon millennia, witnessing her fight against Adam’s will and her capacity for love and forgiveness, even in the face of her own misery, Thor will have to decide where his loyalties truly lie: with his fellow gods, or with Eve.


Praise for Forged by Fate and the Fate of the Gods

“A beautiful, sweeping story that puts on display the power of every interpretation of love, and the truth of what can be accomplished when people choose peace over strife. I couldn’t put it out of my mind for days.”
— Trisha Leigh, author of The Last Year series

“Amalia Dillin is a fresh, exciting voice and Forged by Fate is not to be missed!”
— Saranna DeWylde, author of the 10 Days series

“You won’t be able to deny that Miss Dillin is a genius … This story was absolutely amazing. It’s like nothing I’ve read before … a complete game changer.”
— Parajunkee

“An amazing fantasy world which succeeds in cleverly incorporating history, mythology and biblical figures. The seamless integration of Norse and Greek gods was inspired and I can’t wait to see where this series heads next.”
— Book Chick City

“One of the more fascinating and haunting books I’ve read in quite some time.”
— JC Andrijeski, author of the Allie’s War series

“I was hooked! I can’t wait until the second book comes out so I can find out what happens next.”
— Jeep Diva Reviews

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